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What can Sira Naturals do for you?

When it comes to our partnership, we want to share the love! From digital promotions to print materials and in-store activations, we're happy to accommodate your co-marketing needs:

Digital Assets

  • Product Spec. Sheets - View

  • Inclusion in weekly newsletter for Sira Product Drops

  • Custom In-store flyers - View

  • Sira print marketing materials

In Person Support

  • Dispensary tabling activations and collaboration events

  • Dispensary product training

  • Collaboration events

Through a combination of promotional efforts, product information, in-store demos, staff training and educational materials, we are committed to providing you the marketing support needed to meaningfully engage and educate your customers.

Simply reach out to with details on what you’re looking for and we’ll happily set up a call between our teams to facilitate.


Dab Collab with Cultivate

  • Sira Partnered with Cultivate to create a dab collab event featuring solventless concentrated created by Sira Naturals and solvent-based extracts created by Cultivate. 

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