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The Sira Extractions team produces a variety of Concentrate, Extracts and Vaporizer products to fit the needs of a wide spectrum of consumers. Entourage Vapes and Origyn Extracts are the premier Vaporizer and Concentrate products in MA. Our Extraction team specializes in concentrate and extract innovation with a focus on small-batch products that emphasize terpene preservation. Our Extractions and Vaporizer products utilize a proprietary extractions process that results in Full Spectrum products that allow for the best expression of the cannabis plant.

Through the years Sira Naturals, through Origyn Extracts, has also developed a highly regarded Solventless Concentrate Portfolio. Being the first company on the East Coast to launch Hash Rosin Cartridges and Solventless Diamonds, Origyn Extracts has found a place in the hearts of cannabis lovers. Our Bubble Hash, Rosin and Live Rosin products are small-batch and high quality. Our goal is to produce nothing but the best.

Origyn Extracts

Origyn Extracts is founded on two guiding principals, to lead the way in the market through authenticity & process. The concept of Origyn has been in the making since 2017. We started with two people, a couple of rotovaps and some ethanol. Now we have expanded and are known for making some of the best extractions and concentrates Massachusetts has to offer.



Entourage Vapes

En-tour-age – a mechanism in which cannabis compounds act synergistically to boost the overall effects of the plant. Inspired by this core philosophy, Entourage brings your vape experience to the next level with high-quality full-spectrum cannabis oil (created with an innovative ethanol extraction method) and terpenes from the cannabis plant to allow for an elevated strain-specific experience.

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OUR concentrates & extracts products

Entourage Vapes
510 Thread
Entourage Vapes
PAX Pods
Entourage Vapes
Origyn Extracts
Wax - EHO
Wax - 3
Origyn Extracts
Badder - EHO
Box - 3
Origyn Extracts
Shatter - EHO
Shatter - 5
Origyn Extracts
Crystals - EHO
Box - 2
Origyn Extracts
Sauce Cartridges - EHO
Cart - 5-1
Origyn Extracts
Rosin - Solventless
Origyn Extracts
Live Rosin - Solventless
Origyn Extracts
Bubble Hash - Solventless
Origyn Extracts
Hash Rosin Cartridges - Solventless
Cannabis Derived Terp Cart


The Sira Naturals Wholesale Team is committed to providing our growing partner network with premium cannabis products and superior support. Explore Sira’s portfolio of flower, extracts, infusions and edibles and discover how we can grow together.