Why The Cannabis Industry Should Be Open About The Potential Harms of Marijuana Use

This week, Sira Naturals will premiere a public service announcement (PSA) titled “Let’s Do This Right,” which puts a spotlight on the importance of safe and responsible cannabis consumption. The PSA is set to debut at a press conference held by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and eventually be seen across broadcast TV and digital media.



We believe the PSA dovetails nicely with August’s Highway Safety Awareness Month, an awareness campaign sponsored by the Massachusetts Executive Office of Public Safety and Security to lower car crashes and crash-related injuries and fatalities. As a supporter of that initiative, our video calls attention to three key facts about responsible cannabis usage:

• It is illegal to operate a vehicle while under the influence of cannabis
• Only adults 21-years-old or older can legally purchase, possess, and consume cannabis
• Consuming cannabis or cannabis-infused products in a public place is against the law

Narrated by a young woman, the PSA speaks directly to Massachusetts voters. In 2016, our state voted to change the way we think about and use cannabis; now it is our responsibility to hold up our end of the bargain by practicing and promoting responsible consumption of cannabis.

Changing How We Think about Cannabis

One of the best things about Massachusetts, and something many of us take great pride in, is the bravery and willingness of our voters and elected officials to take progressive stances on cutting-edge issues from healthcare to education reform. Better yet, we put these progressive stances into action, which is why Massachusetts so often assumes a leadership role in national issues.

As a leader in the medical cannabis industry, and one of the state’s largest providers, a company goal of ours is to help shape the emergence of cannabis in the public discourse. Hand-in-hand with this goal is encouraging sensical and responsible cannabis-related public policy measures. We were the first company on the east coast to receive a recreational adult-use marijuana license. This week we become the first cannabis company to proactively produce and finance a PSA of this type.

As assured as we are in our role of fostering the growth of the regulated cannabis industry in Massachusetts, we are equally assured in our commitment to encouraging safe, responsible consumption.

Public Safety Comes First

Along with our success comes an important responsibility to educate Massachusetts residents on the rules, risks, and safety concerns associated with cannabis use. Our “Let’s Do This Right” PSA sends a clear message that we are aligned with the Massachusetts state legislature and its continued commitment to the safety of Massachusetts residents above all else.

To watch the first-of-its-kind PSA, please visit Share the video with #letsdothisright to show your solidarity in keeping Massachusetts safe.

As always, thank you to the Sira Naturals Patient Community for your continued support. Our team continues to be inspired by the enthusiasm and compassion of our patients. Every day we strive to produce premium cannabis, sustainably grown and sold with integrity.



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