Tinkering with Tinctures by Ami Thompson (Patient Advocate)

Our tincture is a product that I sell to many patients daily but haven't tried to myself. I decided to purchase a bottle of our 2:1 tincture to see what the roar is all about. Our 2:1 tincture consists of MCT Oil (a blend of coconut palm oil) and full spectrum cannabis oil (two parts CBD to one-part THC). The tinctures are meant to be stored in a cool dark space to preserve its natural effects, flavor, and consistency. This particular bottle has a total of 298.89 mg, and one small drop is equal to .996 mg. Let's dive in...

tinkering with tinctures There are a few ways to consume tincture, whether it be dropping the oil underneath your tongue, mixing the oil with food that is ready to consume, or mixing the oil in with your favorite drinks! One thing to keep in mind would be that the effects may come on much quicker if you drop the oil under your tongue. This is because once you combine the oil with food or beverage, it turns whatever method of consumption, whether it be a cookie or a piece of pizza, into an edible. The tincture we currently carry has no added flavor to them, however, they will still have the natural flavor of cannabis.

Having experience with edibles, as well as smokable cannabis products, I took a 10 mg dose to start off. After dinner, I applied the ten drops of oil underneath my tongue, and almost immediately felt the physical effects behind my eyes. The cannabis taste was not too intense as the oil dissolved underneath my tongue, but I would recommend having some water or juice nearby to rinse the taste out of your mouth in case the flavor is too intense. I especially enjoyed the 2:1 tincture because it subsided my migraine symptoms, leaving me fully functional, and awake. With chronic migraines, the tension behind my eyes and behind my head started to fade while I worked on some designs for a clothing project.

After a couple hours of creativity, I was watching some television in bed, and slowly started to feel drowsy. It is extremely hard for me to become disengaged in something that I am doing to go to bed, but with the come down of the tincture, it gave me the desire to turn off my TV and sleep. I slept throughout the entire night, waking up to my morning alarm, which seems like a rarity for me. Even after smoking the heaviest of indica strains, I find myself waking up at some hour of the night and unable to fall back asleep. With the tincture, I got a full night’s sleep, and woke up refreshed. I even had the extra time to cook myself a nice breakfast and get to the post office before work!

I look forward to adding a few drops to my morning coffee to supply relief for my daytime struggles.
I highly recommend this tincture to anyone who is looking for sweet pain relief without the psychedelic effects that smoking and regular edibles may generate. And if you ever have trouble sleeping and just cannot find that perfect strain; give our 2:1 tincture a try!

2:1 Tincture | SIRA Naturals | $60

Pictured Below, Ami Thompson - Somerville Patient Advocate; next time you're in be sure to say 👋 to Ami!

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