Sira Spotlight: Veteran Highlight

We are excited to announce a brand-new blog series: Sira Spotlight. Our new series will focus on one of the most interesting aspects of Sira Naturals: our people. Each month, we’ll be highlighting members of our staff from across the entire organization.

We are proud that the Sira Naturals team is a diverse and fascinating group of individuals that spans all age groups, demographics, and backgrounds. And in honor of Veteran’s Day, we kick off Sira Spotlight by putting the spotlight on some of the brave men and women who work here at Sira Naturals – honorable team members who have put their lives on the line serving in the U.S. armed forces.

In recognition of their selfless dedication and sacrifice for our safety and freedom, the Sira Creative Team sat down with two of our staff veterans, Stephanie Lehman and Jeff Gray, to hear their stories and learn about how their service has led them to their roles working at Sira Naturals today. 


Meet: Stephanie Lehman

Sira Stories: Veteran Highlight

Stephanie’s first mission was in 2005, helping the victims of Hurricane Katrina in Louisiana. Shortly after, she was then deployed to Kuwait (2006-2007) with an army aviation unit where she stayed during 2006 and 2007. When she returned home, Stephanie helped to train a military police unit prior to deployment.

After a year of training and preparation, Stephanie deployed with the unit to Camp Taji, Iraq. While at Camp Taji, she managed internment and resettlement operations for an Iraqi detention center from 2009-2010. Afterward, she then continued state-side training and troop retention for the 211th Military Police Battalion.

Sira Stories: Veteran Highlight

SN: What Branch of the military did you serve in?

Stephanie: I served in the U.S. Army Intelligence Branch.

: What is your rank and which unit did you serve with?

Stephanie: I am a sergeant in the U.S. Army.

: How long did you spend in the service?

Stephanie: I spent 10 years in the service, from 2003 through 2013.

: How has your armed-services experience informed your work here at Sira Naturals?

Stephanie: For much of my military career, I was a Training Non-Commissioned Officer (NCO), and wrote operational procedures for missions.


SN: As a medical marijuana patient, what is your favorite Sira product?

Stephanie: Prerolls!


SN: What is your role/ title at Sira?

Stephanie: I work as an accountant/trainer here at Sira Naturals.


SN: How long have you worked at Sira?

Stephanie: I’ve been with the company for a little over nine months.



Meet: Jeff Gray


In December 2009, President Barack Obama announced that he was sending 15,000 U.S. troops to Afghanistan, a force that included Jeff’s unit. Once in Afghanistan, the unit quickly learned they were going to be pushing into an area for an “offensive operation” in the Helmand Province, called “Marjah.”

In February 2010, NATO forces – including 5,000 U.S. military personnel – launched an offensive operation called “Operation Moshtarak.” This operation consisted of three phases:

  1. Clear
  2. Hold
  3. Build

These three phases, in slightly more detail: “Clear” – ensuring houses and villages are clear of danger. “Hold” – securing ground and holding it by establishing patrol bases. “Build” – rebuilding the Afghan army and police, and rebuilding schools and more.

In June 2011, Jeff went back to Marjah, Afghanistan and his unit was now in the “Build” phase of their operation. Bases that were established during the “Clear” and “Hold” phases were now starting to be taken down, schools were up and running, and the Afghan police and army were on their own patrolling the area.

Sira Stories: Veteran Highlight 

SN: In what Branch of the military did you serve?

Jeff: The United States Marine Corps.


SN: What is your rank and which unit did you serve with?

Jeff: E-3 Lance Corporal.


SN: How long did you spend in the service?

Jeff: I served with 3rd Battalion, 6th Marines out of Camp Lejeune in North Carolina from 2008 to 2012. I did two tours in Marjah, Afghanistan – from January 2010 to August 2010, and second tour from June 2011 to January 2012


SN: How has your armed-services experience informed your work at Sira Naturals?

Jeff: I started at the Cambridge dispensary. Then I was able to start a Security Department at our grow facility in Milford, MA. When an infantryman gets out of the Marines, really the only jobs any type of 0311s qualify for are security, police officer, or firefighter. So, from standing a lot of fire watch overseas in a hostile environment, security measures is what you always are looking for nowadays. As I say, “my head is always on a swivel.”


SN: As a medical marijuana patient, what is your favorite Sira Naturals product?

Jeff: When I was a patient, my go-to would be the Red-Line cartridge – nothing too harsh; just gave me the right relief.


SN: What is your role/title at Sira?

Jeff: I help to lead the security team here at Sira Naturals.


SN: How long have you worked at Sira?

Jeff: I’ve been with Sira now for over a year and a half. I started February of 2017.



Sira Stories: Veteran Highlight

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