Sira Spotlight: Shaping the Dispensary Experience with Sarah Martine

As Summer approaches on the horizon, we at Sira Naturals reflect upon the hard work and dedication of our amazing staff.

The Sira Marketing Team sat down with our Retail Training Manager, Sarah Martine, to hear her story and learn about her critical role in overseeing the training and development of Sira’s dispensary staff.

Sarah Martine Dispensary shot 2
What is your role at Sira?
I am the Retail Training Manager for Sira.

How long have you been a part of the Sira Team?
I have been a part of the Sira Team for a little over 2 years!

Any notable fond memories from the early days?
I got to be a part of all three locations Grand Opening. I also got to help set up the Somerville Store from scratch. It was amazing to help with the transformation of the space into its current state today; that whole experience was awesome to be a part of!

What is your favorite aspect of overseeing Sira’s Retail Training Program?
My favorite aspect of overseeing Sira’s Retail Training program is the satisfaction of knowing that each member we bring on to the team is given all the tools they need to succeed in their position. I also enjoy watching the growth of employees in the following months after their training.

What is your process/philosophy when it comes to training?
I like to make the training process as fun and effective as possible. It is also important to recognize that everyone learns differently, therefore training styles may vary from person to person.

Do staff need to have prior cannabis knowledge/ experience to work at Sira?
Staff are not required to have prior cannabis knowledge or experience to work at Sira, but it certainly helps! During the training process we educate new staff on everything they need to know about cannabis!

When a patient leaves Sira Naturals, what do you hope they took away from their experience?
I hope all patients leave feeling that each interaction they had was enjoyable, and they are confident and well-informed about the product they are leaving with.

Which Sira Naturals product is your favorite? Why?
I have a lot of favorite products but my favorite flower would have to be Blueberry. It’s a solid nighttime strain that is very consistent!

What’s your favorite hobby outside of work?
Snowboarding in the Winter and going to the beach in the Summer!

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