Sira Spotlight: Lyanh Ramirez, Head of Retail Training
Posted by Jane Abbott

By Cabiria Mazzuchelli

In preparation for the retail expansion that will be happening next year, Sira has welcomed Retail Training Manager, Lyanh Ramirez. Lyanh began working with team Sira in August,  2021 . A Michigan native now living in Providence, Lyanh can often be found working at our Milford Offices at 9 Industrial Road, in conjunction with making her dispensary visits to both Needham and Somerville. 

I recently had the opportunity to chat with Lyanh and find out more about her role on the Retail team. Here is what she had to share with her Team Members:

Lyanh Ramirez (2)

  1. Your role as Head of Retail Training requires attention to detail and multitasking. How did your previous job prepare you for this challenge?

In one of my first jobs, my training program for new hires was adopted for all the franchise locations- I guess that's where I got bitten by the bug! From there, I learned that the power of knowledge is not in the knowledge itself, but in the application and translation. You can't redo an initial training experience, and it is vital in the foundation and development of that role. I've been on both ends of several onboarding experiences, so my experiences lend to not only appropriate strategies and techniques, but some that aren't so effective.

  1. What aspect of the cannabis industry inspired you to pursue a career in this booming business?

 ​The cannabis industry is one of very few that is still in its early stages, and I was attracted to an area where I could build something from the ground-up. Not only do I get to learn every day from others who also want to push this industry forward, but I get to be creative while bringing some consistency and structure to the retail space. 

  1. What is the best piece of advice you have received in your professional career that you could pass on to new employees? ​

There is both power and humility in knowing what you don't know. 

  1. What motivates you to succeed in the cannabis industry? 

I am motivated by seeing others enjoy what they do, connecting the dots, and adapting to hurdles in front of them. Knowing that I played even a small part in preparing them or supporting them is what keeps me coming back every day.

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