Sira Spotlight: Coordinating Deliveries To Our Stores & Beyond

The Sira Spotlight series focuses on one of the most interesting aspects of Sira Naturals: our people. Each month, we highlight members of our staff from across the entire organization.

In this Sira Spotlight, we are highlighting Inventory Managers, Scott Tydryszewski and Alex Carll, to learn more about their roles overseeing product inventory, coordinating deliveries & shipments, and curating menus.

Pictured Below: Scott (Left) & Alex (Right)
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What is your role? Which department do you oversee?

Scott: I am the Logistics Manager in Milford and I handle all outbound deliveries and assist in the allocation of bulk flower and concentrates. I work with our drivers Matt, Mark, Dan, and Kyle to make sure deliveries run smoothly and arrive promptly. I also have an employee named Charlie who helps me process invoices and double check each order.

Alex: I’m the Retail Inventory Manager, I oversee the Inventory Specialists in the dispensaries.

How long have you been a part of the Sira Team?

Scott: I moved to Massachusetts from Philadelphia in February 2018 to start working at Sira. I started out trimming and eventually made me way to Inventory team, then Logistics when it became its own department.

Alex: I’ve been at Sira for almost a year now.

What are some of your favorite memories working at Sira?

Scott: My favorite memory at Sira was winning the bakeoff competition back-to-back. I made a chocolate caramel bar for the first win, I overcooked it a bit and could barely get it out of the pan, so I almost didn’t submit it but ended up winning anyway. Not a lot of people expected me to be able to bake so it felt good to win 2 in a row, I still think I should have won the three peat but that’s another story… fuggetaboutit.

Alex: One of my first big projects here was to assist in getting Leaf Logix up and running, which was very challenging and rewarding. There were some late nights getting everything in order but it was totally worth all of the hard work we put into it.

Getting the stores ready for Curbside Pickup and Home Delivery was also another highlight. The retail team really stepped up to come together and get two solid programs going in a short amount of time and our patients really appreciated the extra steps we took to get where we are now.

How has your background in this company or others helped your current position?

Scott: I have a degree in horticulture, but these days I only use it to grow veggies in my garden at home because of my lease. During college, I assisted my professor with teaching a certificate course on organic agriculture to prison inmates in the Philadelphia Department of Prisons which taught me a lot about life in general as you could imagine. After graduation, I was manager at a commercial landscaping company and that really taught me the importance of time management and how to utilize team members as efficiently as possible.

Alex: I started managing dispensaries six years ago in Denver and have learned a lot since then in various roles. I’ve done countless inventory audits since then and have gotten quite good at investigating issues. I’ve also spent a lot of time setting up and managing ERP systems for the companies I’ve worked for and have a genuine passion for a well-maintained system that allows you to extrapolate lots of useful data. I use that data for every facet of my job from inventory reconciliation to sales analytics and I love finding new ways to push the limits of what I can do.

What determines what goes to the stores?

Alex: I use a variety of reports to determine the stores’ needs. I start off getting sales projections together and comparing that to stock levels. Once I have an idea of what is needed, I work with Scott to see what is available and make sure we order enough to keep the stores well stocked and our patients happy!

How has Sira’s wholesale program expanded over time? 

Scott: It’s crazy to think that our products are sold in 65% of stores in the state and then when you consider all of the customers from out-of-state that travel just to purchase recreational weed it just makes our brand’s footprint even bigger. It’s getting hard to keep track of all them with all of their names sounding somewhat similar, multiple Remedies a couple of Roots, and so on. It’s almost like they are using a Wu-Tang name generator to come up with this stuff.

What are the biggest challenges you face in your current role?

Scott: My biggest challenge I face is being patient. There are so many situations where I have something high priority that needs to be done but I’m waiting on the labs for test results or a computer glitch needs to be fixed so I have to find another task to keep busy but the thing I can’t do is still on my mind.

Alex: Now that we have implemented a very successful order ahead and delivery service, making sure product is always in the right place and dispensed properly has become a fair bit more challenging. Auditing and maintaining a perfect inventory can be complicated with so many moving parts, so I always need to stay on my toes and be there to solve issues when they do come up.

What excites you most about your role?

Scott: I enjoy the fast-paced environment and seeing real time growth. In the 2 years I’ve been at the company I’ve seen a recreational legalization, a vape ban, and now a COVID quarantine. In all those cases we’ve come out on top because everyone at Milford understands how high the expectations are and we get the job done no matter what the obstacle is.

Alex: I love being able to dive in and solve problems when they come up as well as putting together reports in Leaf Logix to use as tools or to present useful information for the retail team. My job is similar to solving puzzles in different ways throughout the day, which keeps things interesting and fun!

What is your favorite product at Sira and why?

Alex: I really love the wax at Sira, it generally has amazing consistency and flavor which is what I’m all about! I like to try every variety that comes through the stores and I am rarely if ever disappointed.

What do you enjoy outside of work?

Scott: I use to really like to go snowboarding but I’m getting tired of the cold, so I try to only go spring boarding these days. I have a friend who is a big surfer, so I go with him and am trying learn but I’m still super bad at it. Either way it’s good exercise and maybe one day I’ll be able to ride a wave decently.

Alex: My favorite thing in the world is live music and I generally spend most of my personal time going to shows, more recently mainly DJing at my house because there aren’t shows happening right now. I’m also very fond of cooking and having nice meals with my buddies.

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