Sira Spotlight: Expanding Sira's Smoke Circle

As we enter the peak of Summer, we at Sira Naturals reflect upon the hard work and dedication of our amazing staff.

The Sira Marketing Team sat down with Marketing Manager, Andrew Sharp, to hear his story and learn about his role in overseeing marketing strategy and operations for the organization.

Andrew headshot

What is your role at Sira?
I am the Marketing Manager for Sira Naturals; overseeing marketing strategy and operations for the organization.

What excites you most about your role?
Marketing has the unique opportunity of being heavily involved with both retail and production operations. Providing input in both areas makes for an exciting journey in taking a product from R&D all the way to market. Plus, being able to bring creative ideas for products or promotions like our 50 Year Anniversary Moon Landing special to life is really satisfying.

How long have you been a part of the Sira Team?
I have been a part of the Sira Team for close to 3 years.

Can you elaborate on your Marketing Background?
Prior to Sira, I worked at a digital marketing agency executing affiliate strategies for clients like Staples, American Eagle, Urban Outfitters and other retailers. Before my agency experience, I worked with ex-intelligence operatives at Business Intelligence Advisers performing qualitative behavioral assessments on quarterly earnings calls. In addition to those two roles, I worked at Whole Foods market in the Prepared Foods section as well as interned at Tufts Medical School conducting neuroscience research. My mix of digital marketing, business psychology, and retail experience coupled with my passion for cannabis as a medicine, make for a great fit in cannabis marketing.

Andrew M2

Andrew standing in our second cultivation facility in Milford, currently under construction. 

Any notable fond memories from the early days?
In Sira’s early days, we worked with the Milford community to secure approval for adult-use cultivation and product manufacturing from our first facility. It was an amazing experience getting to work with every single employee in the organization leading up to the vote.

Also, I really enjoyed being a part of Sira’s first harvest in Winter of 2016. The plants we took down we’re dinosaur in size, reaching heights over 10 feet tall!

What is your favorite accomplishment from your time on the Marketing Team?
My favorite marketing accomplishment would be integrating real-time inventory onto our site, store menus and in-store displays. This was no simple feat, getting several systems to speak with each other and transfer data. Getting feedback from patients on how this feature made their experience better was really impactful.

What sets Cannabis Marketing apart from other traditional segments?
There is a long list of restricted marketing practices and regulations you must adhere to in the cannabis industry. One must have a firm grasp not only on the CCC’s rules but also the rules of the platforms/ software utilized. As this a new industry, it’s extremely exciting to help shape the very culture of Massachusetts. Navigating these new waters provides a great opportunity to learn and adapt new strategies.

Which Sira Naturals product is your favorite? Why?
As a staff-patient marketer, I’ve had the pleasure of trying the majority of items on our menu. My favorite products include: Chuck OG Flower, 3 Chems Rosin, Sativa Terp Sauce Carts, and our Belgian Dark Chocolate Bar.

How do you see Sira’s Marketing Strategy evolving?
The focus for the next few months we’ll be on ramping up our educational content in a big way; focusing on expanding beginner and expert level topics. We will also be aiming to add order ahead/ reserve functionality to our website. Marketing will also be adding some adult-use availability features to our website as we expand into the wholesale market.

What’s your favorite hobby outside of work?
I really enjoy getting outdoors with my dog in my spare time. We like to explore a new hiking area in MA each weekend. You may have seen some of our hiking adventures on Sira’s Instagram, enjoying a cannabis lifestyle among the great outdoors.

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