Sira Spotlight: All About The Experience with Needham Dispensary Manager, Richie Parsons

The Sira Spotlight series focuses on one of the most interesting aspects of Sira Naturals: our people. Each month, we’ll be highlighting members of our staff from across the entire organization.

As we kickoff 2019, we at Sira Naturals reflect upon the hard work and dedication of our amazing staff. The Sira Creative Team sat down with the Manager of our Needham location, Richie Parsons, to hear his story and learn about his role in shaping the patient experience.

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What’s your role at Sira?
My name is Richie Parsons and I am the Dispensary Manager at Sira’s Needham location.


How long have you been part of the Sira Team?

I joined the Sira Team in May 2018. Since that time, I’ve been able to put my 30+ years of retail leadership experience to good use, leading our Needham Patient Advocacy team to provide the highest quality patient service.


What is your favorite aspect of managing the Needham location?

Being able to influence and shape what constitutes the “Patient Experience”. Getting the staff on board and seeing all our efforts together pay off with a growing business, new patients and most importantly, happy returning patients.


Which Sira Naturals product is your favorite? Why?

I am a big fan of Sira Naturals CBD products. I was not aware of how much I could truly benefit from CBD until I became a patient. I really enjoy talking with, more often than not, older patients that are looking for similar pain relief with minimal or no psychoactive effects. I can relate to pain management and reference my own experience when talking with the growing community of patients in this demographic.


What is your favorite memory throughout your time as part of the Sira team?

One of my favorite memories since joining Sira would have to be when I first toured our Production and Cultivation facility. This in-depth look at Sira Naturals’ highlighted our organizations’ unique processes and commitment to creating quality products. It was not only informative and educational, it was mind blowing fun.


When a patient leaves Sira Naturals Needham, what do you hope they took away from their experience?

I hope each patient leaves our Needham dispensary location with a better understanding about what medicine and administration methods work best for their needs. I hope they enjoyed their experience and are eager to return. We love building relationships with our patient community.


What’s your favorite hobby outside of work?

I have played music in the Boston Rock Scene for 40 + years. I also enjoy Bird watching and Bird photography.


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