Secret Orchard
Posted by Amy Brandt


Introducing Secret Orchard. Enter At Your Own Bliss 

The Secret Orchard is where expert cultivators of the finest concentrates create cannabis magic: tantalizing and tasty delights that combine the natural power of cannabis with a delicious fruit twist. 

The Orchard is Open… Enter at Your Own Bliss 

Secret Orchard fruit-forward vapes are ultra-refined, pure, and potent extracts that deliver the effects you’re looking for with a satisfyingly tasty flavor profile. We have a flavor for whatever your desired experience may be. The Secret Orchard cartridges are formulated with the highest standard distillate process that extracts using an ethanol distillation process. This ensures a full spectrum concentrate for the best overall experience. During this process, we reintroduce strain-specific botanically derived terpenes. 

The Secret Orchard Vapes are made locally in Massachusetts, so you know they’re quality tested and regulated. 

The 510 cartridges come in 0.3g, 0.5g, and 1 g options and provide a discreet easy-to-use product. Attach to your preferred 510 thread battery and enjoy! Make sure to store in a cool, dry place.  

Flavors & Effects: 

From the depths of the secret orchard, experience a blast of fruity goodness with five distinct flavors: strawberry, blue raspberry, pineapple, mixed-fruit, and watermelon. 

Blue Raspberry

Experience the zesty and fruity raspberry-flavored vapes inspired by your favorite summer frozen treats. This Indica-dominant high has an almost immediate effect that will send you into a state of relaxation and tranquility.  


These fresh yet sweet pineapple-flavored vapes are inspired by the beloved tropical fruit. Bursting with sweet and juicy flavors, this Sativa-dominant high delivers all the uplifting feels, whisking you away to paradise islands in an instant. If your desired effect is happy and uplifting this flavor is for you! 


Our refreshing sweet and sour watermelon-flavored vapes are inspired by the iconic summertime fruit. This Indica-dominant high sends you into a tranquil state of relaxation—instantly bringing you to the warm summer days of park picnics and lounging in the sun. If you’re seeking a creative and calming effect, this is your flavor. 


The sweet sensations of our strawberry-flavored vapes will transport you to fields filled with luscious fragrant strawberries under the mid-summer sun. The Sativa-dominant high brings focus and energy, helping you seize the busiest of days. 

Mixed Fruit

Encounter a blast of fruity goodness with mixed fruit-flavored vapes inspired by a blend of all your favorite sweet and tart delights. This Indica-dominant high has an almost immediate effect that will send you into a state of relaxation and tranquility. 

Where to shop:

You can find all flavors of Secret Orchard vapes at finer cannabis stores throughout Massachusetts, including Sira Naturals in Somerville and Needham. 

About The Product: 

All of our vapes come in child-resistant packaging per Massachusetts law. The cartridge has a ceramic tip, glass housing, nichrome coil embedded in ceramic.  

Our cartridges do not contain any cutting agents like Polyethylene Glycol (PEG), Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCT), or any other kind of thinning or thickening agent, including vitamin E acetate. View a copy of testing results (Certificate of Analysis) at the dispensary purchased upon request. This product has been tested for contaminants, including Vitamin E Acetate, with no adverse findings.





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