Protecting Patient Health & Safety

On February 19, 2018 Sira Naturals was informed of a potential issue with a single 1/8 oz. package of our cannabis flower. The item in-question was purchased by an undercover investigative reporting team from WCVB, Channel 5 in Boston, and reportedly tested just over the limit for yeast and mold per the specifications set forth by the Massachusetts Department of Public Health (DPH).

The batch in question had been tested by a third-party independent testing laboratory prior to release for sale and no detectable levels of mold were present. Upon learning of the issue, and out of an abundance of caution to ensure patient safety, Sira immediately took the following steps:

  • Initiated an internal recall procedure removing the batch in question from the shelves;
  • Informed the DPH of our voluntary recall;
  • Notified all patients who had purchased a product from the batch in question offering to replace the product if it had not been used or if used, a discount towards their next purchase at a Sira dispensary; and
  • Launched an internal investigation including re-testing the batch that had been recalled. The re-test again demonstrated that the batch was compliant with DPH testing requirements.
  • Conducted a review of all manufacturing and sanitization policies at our production facility. This review demonstrated that our practices continue to go well beyond what is required by the DPH regulations.

Sira Naturals is proud to operate the most advanced cannabis cultivation and product manufacturing facility in Massachusetts. We continuously identify methods to improve our processes, and although we are confident that there was never any risk to patients in this case, we have treated this incident as an opportunity to again initiate improvement.

Thank you to the Sira Naturals Patient Community for your continued support. Throughout this experience, our team has been inspired by the enthusiasm, compassion, and understanding of our patients.  Every day we strive to produce premium cannabis, sustainably grown and sold with integrity.


Mike Dundas
President & CEO






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