Marijuana and The Giggles
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Here’s Why Everything is Funnier with Cannabis

You’re probably familiar with the giggly stoner stereotype, and there’s actually some merit to this one. Cannabis doesn’t improve your sense of humor, and you won’t suddenly have terrific timing, but there are a few theories in play. Here’s why everything is funnier with cannabis.

How It Works (We Think)

We have a general idea of what happens in the body after consuming cannabis, and when it comes to the giggles, it boils down two things. First, cannabis consumption increases blood flow to specific parts of the brain. And second, cannabinoids have an innate ability to elevate our mood. When we’re happy, we’re less inhibited about laughing. This part has less to do with changes to blood flow and more to do with the release of neurotransmitters that occurs when cannabinoids bind to receptors in the brain. This, however, is when science fails us. We don’t know exactly why the brain is so affected by cannabinoids and terpenes, just that it is. THC in particular triggers the brain into releasing dopamine and endorphins — the same feel-good hormones that flood our system after a great workout or when we’re falling hard for someone. These are good feelings, and good feelings tend to make us laugh.

Here’s another scientific tidbit — laughter is less an emotive response than a bodily reflex, which brings us to theory two. When we’ve consumed cannabis, the effect of cannabis on the brain means that reflex is a little more trigger-happy than usual. Let’s add a third theory to the mix — the idea that your standards of humor may be lower after indulging in your favorite cannabis product. It’s what a SUNY Albany professor describes as the threshold for surprise. And although there’s no research to back it up, anyone who’s ever experienced THC can likely attest to its truth.

Finally, there’s what’s known as the expectancy effect. Essentially, if you believe a certain cannabis strain or product is going to make you giggly, you’re already predisposed to it happening.

The Takeaway

While we can’t equivocally explain why we dissolve in laughter after consuming some cannabis products, theories abound. We can personally recommend X Y and Z if you need to lighten the mood with a laugh.



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