Introducing Kynd Flower
Posted by Amy Brandt



Artisanal. Exceptional. Made for all. Our superpower? Flower! It’s what we live, breathe, and believe in. From big-name strains to one of a Kynd finds, focusing only on flower guarantees no one does it better.

Kynd celebrates all facets of the cannabis journey and is dedicated to raising standards across the entire industry. Our sole purpose is to deliver an exceptional experience for ALL humankynd.


Over 70 years of collective expertise; our small batch experts focus on just one stage of the process each, working together to hone their craft to bring about cannabis perfection.


Quality-obsessed, meticulous; committed to perpetual progress throughout the process. High yield product with a reliable output and greater availability.


Pure, premium flower with a high THC percentage. Genetically identical and healthy plants that are pesticide and disease-free.


Grown in a high-quality growing COCO Coir medium over the course of 8 to 9 weeks until the plant flowers.


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All our production plants start out as cuttings. Quality cuttings are carefully selected from our mother stock, creating a genetic copy of the mother it was taken from.

Our clones are given optimal conditions to promote vigorous root growth. Once clones have established roots, they are transplanted into rockwool where they begin the vegetative stage.

During the four-week veg period, the plants receive the proper nutrients and light spectrums to encourage explosive growth.

The veg plants are transplanted into coco coir for the last week of the vegetative stage to provide better root structure and plant support before the flowering stage begins.


The plants will spend 8-9 weeks in the flower room. A 12/12 light cycle will initiate the flowering stage and the plants will shift their focus from growth to bud development.

Unproductive lower branches are removed so the plant can redirect all its energy to the bigger buds towards the top of the plant.

Large fan leaves are removed to allow better airflow and light penetration throughout the canopy.

By the end of the flowering stage, the buds have reached full maturity and are bursting with cannabinoid and terpene-rich trichomes.


Plants are cut down and the full plant is hung to dry in the dry room.

After 10-14 days plants are cut into sections to fit into black and yellow totes. Each day for 7 days these totes are opened to let the gases escape known as “Burping.”

The team then takes all the buds off the stems known as “Destemming” and the product is then placed on a sorting table to sort by size:

  • “A” largest size bud
  • “B” medium size bud
  • “C” bud smallest bud – Pre-roll material

The “A & B” buds are run through the Mobius trimmer and the bud is finished off with a quick hand trim.

Where to shop:

This brand will be sold exclusively at Sira Naturals in Somerville and Needham. Eventyally, you will be able to  find all Kynd brand strains  at finer cannabis stores throughout Massachusetts.


Orangutan Zkittlez


Orangutan Zkittlez is a true hybrid that gives you the best of both worlds. Originating from the strain combination of Zkittlez and Grease, embrace the initial high-energy effects that hit before the blissful, calming buzz sets in. B-Caryophyllene is the top terpene in this bud which produces the peppery flavor and lends to the calming effects.

Mr. Nasty


Mr. Nasty is a classic hybrid with a heady feel and quick effects. Deriving from the strains GMO and Grease Monkey, Mr. Nasty’s heavy THC content doesn’t disappoint. The main terpene is D-Limonene, followed by B-Caryophyllene and B-Myrcene, which lend to the Gas and Pine flavor and aroma profile along with a relaxing effect.

Fresh Squeezed


Fresh Squeezed is a bright and energetic Sativa strain that comes to life by combining Gace Off OG and Ohio Lemon G. It offers immediate mood-boosting characteristics and a pleasant citrus flavor. Let the high THC content keep you focused and creative, while the main terpenes (D-Limonene, Linalool, and B-Caryophyllene) may help reduce your pain and anxiety.




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