Introducing the Next Evolution in Vaping by Sira Extractions: Terp Sauce Cartridges

Sira Extractions is proud to announce our next adventure in Vaping: Terp Sauce Cartridges, which are created using a proprietary blend of our premium cannabis oil and a high terpene ‘Sauce’ fraction, which is extracted in-house.

Formulated to deliver high potency vapor and a smooth, flavorful essence, our Sauce Cartridge delivers effective dosing for the novice and the experienced patient alike. As each cartridge is extracted from its original cannabis strain, the medicinal effects of Sauce Cart are quite like the experience of consuming flower of that same strain.

Sauce Carts contain NO additional cutting or thinning agents like Propylene Glycol (PG), Vegetable Glycerin (VG); the only ingredient is cannabis.

The Sira Creative Team sat down with our Extractions Manager, Thomas Steckbeck, to discuss this newest evolution in the Sira Extractions program:


What is your name and title?

My name is Thomas Steckbeck and I'm the Extractions Manager for Sira Naturals.

What is your favorite product at Sira Naturals and why?

My favorite product is our Terp Sauce. I think that it's the next step in concentrates, where you're preserving more of the compounds that are found in the plant and concentrating them into a better finished product.

What was your journey into the Extractions world like?

I went to school for biology and took chemistry classes as part of my coursework. I also really like cannabis, so this was a cool way for me to combine two of my interests together.

What is ‘Sauce’?

Sauce is a concentrate made from a solution of cannabinoids, terpenes, and in our case, ethanol. By subjecting it to the right environment, you can cause the THC to crystallize in that solution.

For patients who may be inexperienced with vaping, why should they try sauce carts?

Patients who are new to vaping should try our new Terp Sauce Carts because it is a unique concentrated experience of individual strains that we grew in-house, in an accessible, easy-to-use form factor.

What excites you most about launching the Sauce Cart at Sira?

I’m excited for this launch because we will be providing patients who likely don’t have experience using an advanced concentrate like Terp Sauce, the opportunity to try it in a more discreet, simple way.

How is a Sauce cartridge different from a standard terp cartridge?

Our Sauce Cartridges are different than others we offer because they contain a high terpene fraction, so it's a lot of terpenes, but it's also still cannabis oil with lots of cannabinoids from the initial plant it's extracted from. It's different than our current Terp Cartridges, because those are 100% pure terpenes reintroduced to cannabis oil.

Any recommendations on the best way to enjoy Sira’s new Sauce Cart?

I would recommend using a variable-temperature battery. These are going to be strain-specific cartridges, and each one is going to have some slight modifications necessary to have the best experience possible.

How do you envision Sira’s concentrate line will evolve in the future?

I know that we're constantly experimenting, trying to come up with concentrates that have unique consistencies and preserve as much of the desirable aspects of the plant as we can.

Checkout the launch video:



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