How to Dab Cannabis Concentrates

At first glance dabbing cannabis concentrates can appear somewhat intimidating, but in truth with the correct materials, and minor safety precautions, dabbing can be an effective delivery method for using ones’ own medicine.  Below is both a checklist of what you’ll need to get started, as well as step-by-step instructions for how to do so efficiently and effectively!


Dabbing Checklist:

1) A Cannabis Concentrate. Today’s dab of choice will be Sira Naturals’ Do-Si-Do #22 Hash Rosin. Sira’s Hash Rosin is one of their solventless concentrates.  This labor-intensive process requires Do-Si-Do #22 flower to first be processed into a non-dabable concentrate: Bubble Hash.  Next using a hydraulic press, specific levels of both heat and pressure are used to squish Bubble Hash into Hash Rosin.

2) A Dab Rig. Today’s rig of choice will be the Atlas Mini Rig™ by MJA. While this rig is small it boasts that users will experience more flavorful dabs.  Its reduced size both minimizes loss of flavor and reclaim buildup inside the rig.

3) A Quartz Banger/Bucket or Titanium Nail. We will be using a 10mm (male) quartz bucket. The MJA Custom Flat Top Quartz Bucket (pictured above), is included with the Atlas Mini Rig™ by MJA.

4) A Titanium Dab Tool. To avoid potential health hazards, it’s necessary to use a titanium tool when dabbing.  Other metals can corrode or melt at when they encounter high temperatures.

5) A Bubble Cap or Carb Cap. After the concentrate has melted from the dab tool into the quartz bucket, a bubble cap should be place atop to both minimize loss of vapor but also create a more focused airflow that can help vaporize the concentrate from liquid to gas more efficiently.

6) A Butane Torch. The torch is used to heat the quartz bucket to a high enough temperature so that the cannabis concentrate will melt and vaporize upon contact. It is necessary to also let the quartz bucket cool after heating (instructions below). 

7) Butane Gas. Butane will need to be filled into the torch to create a flame.

Choosing Your Dosage:

image2It’s important to remember to start low and go slowCannabis concentrates can be significantly more powerful than flower, while this allows them to be very effective medicines, one can easily underestimate the effect such a small amount can have.  For first time users it is recommended to use the equivalent of the size of a single grain or rice (or less).

Heating & Cooling:

image51) Before lighting your torch ensure that you are a safe distance from any flammable materials.

2) Prepare a timer. (Most smart phones have this feature.  Using a kitchen or egg timer are also effective.  Counting aloud is acceptable but will not be as accurate.)  Begin timer before lighting the torch.

3) Light the torch and apply flame directly to underside of the quartz bucket for approximately 30-40 seconds. For an even temperature throughout, it’s best to apply flame to the entire bucket, not on a centralized area.

4) Do not stop the timer. After heating, let the quartz bucket cool for an additional 30-40 seconds.

Note: The heating & cooling time listed here are not universal.  It’s important to familiarize yourself with the equipment you’re using and establish a routine that works best for you.

Remember: Ensure that the torch has been fully turned off when you’re done heating the quartz banger.  Lastly do NOT touch the quartz bucket you’ve just heated

Vaporization & Inhalation:


1) Next simultaneously begin stirring your dab tool within the quartz bucket, as you inhale from the mouthpiece of the (Inhale at a rate in which no vapor escapes from the bucket.)

2) You can remove the dab tool once the cannabis concentrate has melted off and into the quartz bucket.


Remember: Do NOT touch the quartz bucket directly, it is very hot.

1) Place the bubble cap atop of the quartz bucket. This allow the user to inhale with less intensity. This will also block vapor from escaping.

2) Spin the bubble cap around so the air flow pushes the melted concentrate throughout the heated banger. This is done to maximize the amount of vapor that will be produced.  Do not over inhale at this point – it can lead to melted concentrate getting sucked inside the rig.

3) Exhale & Repeat if needed

OPTIONAL: Lastly to preserve the quality of the quartz bucket: use a cotton swab/q-tip to wipe of any remaining residue after every use.

Remember: Allow the quartz bucket to fully cool before touching directly.

Written by Needham Team Member: Jake Moody

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