How Cannabis Saved our Marriage: A 612 Studios Story.



The story of 612 Studios™ began when two individual cannabis stories became one:

Leah was raised in Boston and is a program manager in Roxbury for local non-profits. In 2004 she married her High School Sweetheart, Sieh Samura. Throughout their relationship, Leah has found success treating several medical conditions with cannabis, including menstrual symptoms and a fibroid condition.

Sieh originally from California, moved to Massachusetts and joined the Army. During his time in the service, Sieh worked for Homeland Security. After his return from a tour of duty in Iraq, Sieh was suffering from post-traumatic stress and chronic pain caused by his experiences oversees. Leah suggested he use cannabis to treat his conditions. He found instant relief and was able to radically change his lifestyle for the better.

Together, they began to uncover a whole range of health and social benefits related to cannabis. They experimented with different methods of administration, and their focus on cannabis as a couple intensified. Soon, they realized it was their responsibility to help deliver these benefits to the larger community, and 612 Studios™ was born.

Today, 612 Studios™ is committed to formulating cannabis products that are focused on developing the health and well being of individuals and communities. Leah and Sieh are active members of the vibrant cannabis activist community, and continually seek to share their knowledge and experience to help build lasting relationships and a create a better world.

As inaugural members of the Sira Accelerator program, Leah and Sieh are thrilled to partner with Sira Naturals for the roll-out of their first product: Purient. Purient™ is a cannabis infused pre-foreplay personal lubrication. It is an all-natural, organic, Coconut Oil-based, personal lubricant, designed to be applied before foreplay, and created to enhance your sexual experience. 612 Studios is proud to announce the debut of Purient in Sira Naturals stores on March 1st.  Sign up for launch updates!

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