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The Future of Cannabis Cartridges Is Here

We sat down with SIRA Naturals Extractions Manager Tom Plunket to discuss Sira's newest product innovations.

Can you tell us a little about yourself?

My name is Tom Plunket, I am the Extractions Manager at Sira Naturals. My department is responsible for the development and production of all of our concentrate products like our shatter, diamonds, wax, rosin, vape cartridges, and more.

What are terpenes?

Put simply, terpenes are the essential oils made by all plants. They are what give each flower, herb, fruit, and extract its own unique scent, flavor and effect.

The Future of Cannabis Cartridges Is Here

What is Rosin?

Rosin is a concentrate product which leverages an extraction process utilizing a combination of heat and pressure to squeeze resinous sap from your initial starting material such as flower or kief.

What makes Cannabis Derived Terp Cartridges different from other Terp Cartridges?

Cannabis Derived Terp Cartridges contain cannabis oil made from 100% cannabis, allowing for a more strain-specific experience with a more traditional cannabis taste. Standard Terp Cartridges on the other hand use terpenes derived from many other plant families to create fun or fruity flavor experiences.

These cartridges are less expensive than in the past, Why?

We are very excited about this next phase of our cartridge products and by making them more affordable we can ensure we reach as many patients as possible. We’ve also refined the hardware and filling process. So patients not only get better technology, they also have a wider selection to choose from.

The Future of Cannabis Cartridges Is Here

Any advice on usage and storage?
As with any cannabis cartridge, it’s important to always keep your cartridge upright, both when using and storing. When not in use, keep the cartridge stored in a cool, dark environment.

And in winter, it’s important to remember that cannabis oil will congeal in cold environments, so make sure to insulate the cartridge if you are going to be traveling in colder weather.

Is the miligramage the same? 

One of the things the Extractions Team has always felt strongly about is that measuring milligrams of THC doesn’t always give you the bigger picture.  Every cartridge will always have .5 milliliters of premium cannabis oil, but across the product line the THC content will vary.

As an example: Our rosin cartridge may only have 300mg of THC but it is also a solventless product and very high in terpenes, meaning it offers a robust experience and may provide valuable relief to certain patients.

It’s also worth noting that our cannabis derived cartridges will have around 400mg per cartridge but are very strong due to the entourage effect provided by the terpenes.

Why Upgrade the Hardware?  I believe CCELL is the best cartridge available to the market. These cartridges work great with our new and improved cartridge battery hardware.

CCELL delivers the best flavor, provides an easy draw, and is designed to work perfectly with thicker substances like our premium cannabis oil.

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