Extracting the Difference Between Sira’s Vape Offerings

The Sira Extractions team produces a variety of vapable concentrates to fit the needs of a wide range of medical patients. The goal of our oil program is to provide a mix of vape options that are effective for both the novice and the experienced patient alike.

In this blog, we dig into what separates our Cartridges/ Pax Pod product lines apart. To start, we can examine the two types of extraction methods used to create our vape products: solvent-based and solventless.

sauce cart screengrab-2

Here’s a quick rundown of the science behind them.

Solvent-Based Cartridges and Pax Pods:

A solvent is a chemical that dissolves a solid into a liquid solution. The most common in the cannabis industry for producing cannabis oil are butane, propane, CO2 and ethanol.

At Sira Naturals, we utilize an ethanol extraction method to produce the oil for our Cannabis Derived Terpene Vape Cartridges & Pax Pods as well as our Small-Batch Terp Sauce Cartridges. Compared to other solvent-based extraction methods, ethanol yields a significant portion of the original starting material’s cannabinoids and terpenes. This means that the consistency of the full-spectrum final product will be thicker in viscosity as well as take on a dark amber color compared to other solvent-based extraction methods.

To create our oil for these two classes of Cartridges/ Pax Pods, we start with a cold ethanol extraction, then filter to remove chlorophyll, winterize to remove waxes, and purge the ethanol out of the oil in vacuum ovens. From there, we reintroduce cannabis derived terpenes sourced from the cannabis plant to create our Cannabis Derived Terpene line of Cartridges and Pax Pods. Cartridges/ PAX Pods in this category will always have the same strain availability.

For "Sauce Cartridges" we separate a high terpene layer from our ethanol extraction through manipulation during post process, to yield a flavorful and potent Sauce Cartridge. During this process no terpenes are reintroduced and are all intact during the extraction process.

As each Small-Batch Terp Sauce cartridge contains the terpenes from its harvest batch, the medicinal effects of our Sauce Cart are more similar to the experience of consuming that same flower.

Check out our video below about sauce cartridges

Sira Naturals Sauce Cart Launch Final

Solventless Cartridges and Pax Pods:

As the name implies, solventless concentrates are made with extraction processes involving no solvents whatsoever. They contain only the olioresin from the head of the plant’s trichomes –where the highest concentration of cannabinoids and terpenes live.

At Sira, we’ve created an innovative method to turn our full-spectrum solventless hash rosin concentrate into a vapable form. The process involves reapplying low heat and pressure to rosin to achieve the desired consistency to be able to put into a Cartridge/ Pax Pod. Nothing is added to achieve this consistency.

The total active cannabinoids (TAC) of these cartridges is lower because to achieve this consistency it requires a greater concentration of preserved cannabis derived terpenes compared to rosin in a jar.

Through this proprietary method, we yield a premium rosin product that we use to create our Small-Batch Hash Rosin Cartridges.

24K Rosin Cart-11

Regardless of which premium vape option you choose, rest assure all of our vape products contain no PG/ VG or added thinners. The Sira Extractions Team continues to develop new and exciting concentrates so be on the lookout for updates on upcoming products and developments via our weekly newsletter or by checking out @siraextractions on instragram. For more information on extractions explore:  the difference between solvent-based and solventless extractions methods.

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