E1 Labs Full Spectrum Booster

E1 Labs Boosters are Full Spectrum Cannabis Oil packaged within an easy-to-use applicator for simple consumption. Utilizing our proprietary ethanol-based extractions process, we preserve cannabinoids and terpenes in our extract to yield a full spectrum final product. Full spectrum products amplify the “entourage effect” experienced by consumers, where cannabis compounds act synergistically to modulate the overall psychoactive effects of the plant.

Full Spectrum Booster oil is also fully “activated”, which means that the high content of the non-psychoactive compound, THC-A, within the oil has been converted to the psychoactive compound, THC-delta-9, the main cannabinoid responsible for the “high” typically associated with cannabis consumption. As such, the oil can be easily infused into edibles and cooked with in addition to consuming via other delivery methods like smoking or dabbing.

When not using this product, we recommend storing in a cool, dry place, like a drawer. Keeping the Booster cool will make it easier to handle when it comes time to consume. Avoid placing in fridge or freezer.


Ways to Enjoy our Full Spectrum Boosters:

Top a bowl or add to joint:

Apply a little bit to the top of a bowl or inside of a joint to boost flavor and potency.

Add to outside of joint and roll in kief:

To really boost potency apply thin layer to the outside of a joint and using a non-stick tool evenly coat the outside. From there you can roll it in kief or bubble hash.


Use a drop about the half the size of a grain of rice and dab via your favorite concentrate piece.

Infusing into Edibles/ Cooking:

Booster Oil can be infused directly into butter or coconut oil (fat-based products) to then make edibles with. It’s important to pair the oil with a fat dense carrier; i.e. ghee, coconut oil, MCT oil, butter, etc. If oil is put directly into a water-based beverage or liquid, the mixture will not homogenize, and the product will become less effective/ difficult to dose. If cooking with infused butter, etc., ensure baked item doesn’t exceed 400 degrees when in the oven.

To determine the amount of THC in milligrams you’ll be cooking with, you can start by calculating the total strength of the Oil Applicator. To convert % to mg: take the thc % and change to mg/ gram. For example, if a Booster has 75% THC per gram then that equals 750mg of THC per gram. As the Booster contains 0.5G of oil, you’d then divide by 2 to determine the final mg. content of the applicator: 750mg/2 = 375mg THC. From there, you can dispense (as needed) the amount for the strength you desire into a fat dense carrier to then cook with. As each syringe contains approximately 300-450mg of activated THC, take caution when experimenting with dosing and most importantly, start low and go slow.

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