Tips for Inviting Cannabis into Your Wellness Routines
Posted by Kay Tummino

It was not long ago that people would have considered cannabis use and wellness entirely opposite. Thankfully, that is no longer the case. Wellness and cannabis use are being organically bridged by cannabis companies and communities working hard to make high quality products and information available for everybody.

It is my belief that with the products and information available, the rest will come naturally. Just as each individual has their practices and routines for maintaining their best selves, each person also has their own way of inviting cannabis into said routines. It certainly helps to have a loose guideline though, and it is in that spirit that I offer some considerations for adopting more of the plant into your individual practice!

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{Pictured above: Kay Tummino | Processing Data Lead)

1. Keep a Journal or Log

While certain strains and cannabinoid ratios have been proven to resonate with my experience, everybody is different, and your own experience may be too! That is why it’s highly recommended to keep a log or journal where you note information about the strain and your experience with it after each use. Some Things you may want to note in your journal are:

• Strain name

• Product & Dose

• Whether the strain is Indica, Sativa, or hybrid

• THC/CBD breakdown

• What the experience was like. How did you feel? What did you find easy/difficult? What, if anything, was different about this experience?

The journal keeping helps to really hone-in on your sweet spot for use and achieving your desired effects with cannabis as your plant ally!

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2. Invite cannabis into Meditation and Mindfulness Practices.

Meditation is a highly beneficial wellness practice, but one of the most common things you will hear regarding trying it out is that many find it difficult to fully relax, slow their thoughts, and focus the mind. These things can be challenging at a basic level, our brains are very pattern oriented and negative thinking or overthinking can easily become habit and a trigger for experiencing stress.

That is why it’s amazing to know that our brains have cannabinoid receptors in areas concerning your mood, behavior, and thought development. Cannabis use fires up all those receptors up to engage and they can produce impactfully relaxing effects. Whether it be breathwork or body mindfulness, a full out zen session or a few deep nourishing breaths, it is an opportunity to invite in cannabis as an ally.

Using Indica and Indica-hybrid products in smaller doses can be helpful, especially since with meditation we often seek the sweet spot between focused body mind relaxation and sleep. The full body properties help to feel relaxed and comfortable for sitting or finding stillness, while an uplifting overtone helps your experience of the mind to more open than closed.

2/9/21: Pre-Meditation

• Strain name: Blueberry

• Product & Dose: One bowl pack, in the bong, 5 minutes before guided meditation

• Strain classification: Indica

• THC: 17%

• Experience: I felt calm in body and mind, and it was comfortable sitting still for a longer time without shifting around on my pillow. I also felt a different experience of time passing during meditation, I wasn’t worried about getting onto the next thing. I prefer using the bong for a deeper onset of the Indica effects. I felt it easier to acknowledge passing thoughts without judgment or feeling frustrated with myself.

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3. Inviting cannabis in with Exercise

If it seems counterproductive to incorporate cannabis into your work out, consider that it may best benefit you before, during, or after exercise. There is no ‘right way’ and it may take some exploration to find your stride. Cannabis can totally help to get you engaged in the flow of your activity and turn the experience of something repetitive into a buzzing rhythm.

Using Sativa and Sativa-hybrid products tend to pair best with physical activity. Of course, you may find certain strains or cannabinoid ratios work best for you depending on the context, but Sativa products tend to deliver that energizing pulse and aligned body connectivity. Smoking or vaping is a great way to monitor your dosage and usage to find what’s best for you. If you seek inflammation or pain relief after a workout a topical may be helpful as well.

2/10/21: Pre-Yoga

• Strain name: Super Lemon Haze

• Product & Dose: Flower, 1 bowl pack 5 minutes before the start of 1 hr zoom yoga class

• Strain classification: Sativa

• THC: 18%

• Experience: I felt relaxed and my body felt lighter, but also I found it easy to focus and get into a rhythm with movement. I think this is also because of the smaller amount I smoked, it allows me to receive the effects on the mind and body without becoming heavy feeling or experiencing worry or anxiety. Also does not cause me to have residual coughs during a workout. In the beginning of the class, we started getting our breath into a rhythm as we began poses and I felt a sense of ease in finding my breath and my movement rhythm.

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4. Inviting Cannabis Into your Bedtime Routine

Sleep deprivation has been linked to a variety of health problems on a long-term scale, but insufficient and inconsistent sleep also effects how we are feeling day to day. Sleep is an important piece of being well and rejuvenating the body and mind. If you struggle with falling and staying asleep, cannabis can totally help. Indica or indica-dominant products tend to be especially effective with body heavy, euphoric, sleep inducing effects. You can smoke, vape, or consume edibles before bed depending on your preferred experience and desired effects.

I prefer to smoke flower or concentrates about 30 minutes before bed, and I try to keep the time I medicate consistent to help keep the time I go to sleep consistent too. I also tend to vary the amount I consume before bed depending on a sort of self-check-in that’s also part of my nightly routine.

2/08/21: Bedtime Indica CBD

• Strain name: Critical Kush

• Product & Dose: Flower, around 1 gram rolled in a joint 30 min prior to bed

• Strain classification: Indica

• THC/CBD breakdown: 18% THC 1% CBD

• Experience: I slept around seven hours and have been keeping regular sleep going nightly. I fell asleep quickly after lying down, and I felt my body comfortably heavy and deeply relaxed as I was prepping for bed. I felt good and didn’t have any repetitive or runoff thoughts, just a euphoric head feel and a sleepy full body high.

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The process is entirely individualized, but there is always opportunity for incorporation and exploration of how cannabis can be our ally in wellness. All our brains are super pattern oriented. That is why we create routines and build habits naturally. When we become aware of a desired change or outcome in our life experience, we recalibrate, and that is what a wellness journey is all about. Seeing patterns, taking things one day at a time, and learning as you go: switching things up for your best self. At Sira Naturals, we produce high quality products and deliver high quality experiences we are proud to be a part of the journey with you!

Written by: Kay Tummino, Processing Data Lead

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