Becoming a MA Medical Cannabis Patient is now more streamlined than it ever has been before! New regulations allow for telehealth appointments to be set up so you do not even have to leave your house for the certification process! The benefits of becoming a MAMMJ Patient are:

Benefits of becoming a patient v3

To purchase medical marijuana from a Massachusetts Registered Marijuana Dispensary, you'll need:

A valid Medical Use of Marijuana Program card


A valid photo ID
Steps for Getting a Card

Follow these 3 simple steps to getting a Medical Use of Marijuana Program card

1. Get certified by a registered healthcare provider
2. Receive your temporary card.

The Cannabis Control Commision will send you an Instant Access Card to you MassCIP portal that will be valid for 14 day. During this time you can shop at any MA dispensary while you complete your registration and wait for your MA Medical Marijuana Card.

3. Register.

Now that you have your Instant Access Card, you must complete the registration process in order to get your MA Medical Marijuana Card. For this login to your MassCIP portal and fill out the remaining information.