At Sira Naturals, we focus each and every day on one thing: providing our community with premium cannabis, sustainably grown and sold with integrity.

Founded in Massachusetts in 2013, Sira Naturals blends the art of cannabis cultivation with the science of product manufacturing to provide the commonwealth with world-class cannabis flower, concentrates, edibles, topicals and much more.

Visit any of our three convenient locations today and experience the Sira Difference.

Premium Cannabis. Sustainably Grown. Sold with Integrity.

The Sira Naturals Cultivation Center, located in Milford, Massachusetts, is where our cultivation team turns our premium-cannabis dreams into reality. Each and every plant is barcoded for traceability from seed to shelf. Custom control software regulates the environmental conditions for our plants, from the amount of light they get, to proper nutrition, to airflow and humidity. That’s what makes our Cultivation Center the most sophisticated in the state.

Consistently growing the highest quality agricultural products indoors is no small feat. Our team designed a custom grow facility and our state-of-the-art processes from the ground up before the first shovel even broke ground. Our Milford footprint isn’t just about growing premium cannabis plants. Our Infusions Team also operates a full commercial-grade kitchen, where they craft our renowned confections. Also in Milford, The Extractions Team leverages a state-of-the-art lab in the development of oils, tinctures, and concentrates.

Why does Sira Naturals develop, produce, and package all of our products on-site? Because that’s what it takes to produce the best cannabis there is.

Grown with Love.

At Sira Naturals, we offer products in four categories: Flower, Concentrates, Marijuana Infused Products (MIPS), and Accessories. 

Sira Naturals premium Flower can be purchased in five weight options: Pre-Roll,  3.5 grams, 7 grams, ½ ounce, and 1 ounce. Our strain selection is always evolving to provide our community with the variety and quality they deserve, so be sure to check out the current menu.

Our line of Concentrates is as potent as it is imaginative. From our Cannabis-derived Terp and Rosin Cartridges to HCS Diamonds, shatter, and more, Sira Naturals concentrates are a great way to elevate your experience.

Our Marijuana Infused Products, or MIPS, are the perfect choice for users seeking a smokeless experience. Our line  includes delectable edibles, such as caramels and artisanal chocolates, as well as tinctures and topicals, Sira Naturals MIPS provide each customer with the method of ingesting cannabis that is right for them.

Sira Naturals is proud to work with world-renowned partners as well as local artisans to supply our accessory offerings. From showcase products like unique glass pieces to every day items like rolling papers and vaporizer batteries, we make sure Sira Naturals is your one stop shop.