Updated Hours for 4/20! From 4/16-4/20 both locations will be open from 9am to 8pm!

New Patients to Sira and MMJ Card Renewals in April Save up to 50% off!
Get the Family Discount in the month of April, click the link below to learn more!
Valid in Somerville Only



420 Weekend Specials!

Friday (4/16)- Monday (4/19)


Top Shelf 1/2oz- $135

Premium 1/2oz- $120

*Mix and Match 1/8th varieties



15% off all .8g Heirloom Prerolls

*limit of 5 per strain per day



3 Entourage 0.5G Carts: $120

3 Entourage 0.5 PAX Pods: $150

3 Origyn Sauce 0.5G 510 Carts: $150

3 Entourage 1G 510 Carts: $225



50% off Chroma Peach Mango Gummies

20% off Heirloom Gummies

Deals Valid in Somerville Only

New Patient Certifications & MMJ Card Renewal Punch Card

Get the one-time "Family Discount" in April and then receive a punch card to save a total of $200 over your next 4 visits. Valid in Somerville.


420 Scratch-Off!

Spend $200+ in Somerville all month to receive a 420 Scratch Off! Every ticket is a winner! Discounts valid in Somerville only.

Next Day Delivery to Boston & Beyond!


- No Delivery Fees

- Low Order Minimum

- Easy Text Confirmation Process


Only the Best for You:

JC home brand
entourage home brand
wicked sour home brand
NN home brand
origyn extracts home brand tile
rt 90 home brand

Why Patients ❤️ to Shop at Sira

reddit-logo Dragonegg - 3/25/2020
“Yesterday was my first visit to Sira (the Somerville location) any my first medical visit overall - I just got my card last Friday in anticipation of all the rec closing. Everyone was super friendly while being super cautious. I had a create experience!”
google testimonial 9.20 Janai - 3/10/2020
“Amazing experience. The best Massachusetts dispensary I have been to so far. The selection, consult, and service were amazing.”
reddit-logo jyellow - 3/25/2020
“I want to thank the Sira staff at Needham for taking patient and worker health seriously during the covid crisis. [...] There is posted information in the entranceway regarding how to conduct personal and public hygiene during the crisis...!”
yelp testimonial 9.20 Ryan S. - 4/20/2020
“Visiting Sira is always a lovely experience. They really take time to answer my questions, and sometimes even including other staff to make sure that the issue is thoroughly addressed. They also have a great rest of products, and everyone appears to be friendly. I always leave a happy customer.”
google testimonial 9.20 John - 3/23/2020
“Outstanding! First experience on time and all social distancing and flattening the curve procedures in check! Apparently, they don’t offer the same price cuts as Somerville [in Needham] but they made up for it in all around class.”
google testimonial 9.20 Nicole L - 5/1/2020
“Every time I make an appointment I am so pleasantly surprised by how sweet they all are. Everyone seems to genuinely love their jobs. They are willing to educate you about products and are so patient. ”
yelp testimonial 9.20 Lilian B - 4/18/2020
“I have been a customer of Sira/Somerville I can't say enough about the staff that I've had contact with. Not only have they been extremely helpful in suggesting certain products for my medical issue. I want to, especially, thank Cara, Janelle & Rob for their caring. The comfort of this dispensary always feels as though I'm at a resort.”
FB testimonial 9.20 DB - 4/27/2020
“A+ on my first delivery experience from Somerville. Ordering was easy, I got a phone call to confirm, I got text messages the day of delivery, the order was accurate, the delivery person was friendly and most importantly had gloves and a mask.”
google testimonial 9.20 Sabrina T - 5/2/2020
“It was a warm and welcoming experience for me and as a first time patient I really appreciated the high level of service during a Pandemic”

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